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The core of my integrative style is a deep respect for each client’s unique process. Depending on the needs of each individual, I draw from client-centered, transpersonal, cognitive, experiential, and somatic therapies.

My whole-person approach addresses the many interrelating dimensions of a client’s life. Thinking, emotions, the body, relationships, behavior, and spirituality are all continually interacting. I work collaboratively with clients to attend to the areas of their lives needing attention and strengthening.

Therapy is often a process of transforming one’s relationship with oneself. I incorporate mindfulness practices in my work to give clients concrete ways to develop an accepting and compassionate relationship with themselves.

When it is beneficial I use Hakomi principles and techniques of experiential therapy.

Some clients’ goals are reached within a brief number of sessions. Others engage in longer term therapy that may unfold over several years. It is not uncommon for clients to use therapy as needed, completing areas of work and returning at a later time to work on other issues.

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